Exclusivity and fantasy

Leather comes to life with colour and texture

At Timbrados Rubio, our brand is an ideal example of the concept of uniqueness in the fashion industry. Fantasy, creativity, design and the most avant-garde processes and treatments make our leather come to life in full shape, colour and texture. Fashion in its purest form, the latest trend. Every season, Timbrados Rubio offers new, innovative proposals for leather designs.

Every design and every idea

At Timbrados Rubio, we not only make our own collections available to the fashion industry. We also apply all our expertise to make even the most demanding client’s designs possible. Top quality leather combined with all the professionalism of the best and most experienced team and our specific treatments and processes to turn any leather sketch or idea into a reality.

Quality and comfort

Timbrados Rubio also means quality, softness, luxury and sophistication. After so many years in the trade, our experience and research have allowed us to obtain a leather product capable of embodying fashion without compromising on its natural features.

The perfect leather

Achieving the best final results depends on many factors. One of them is an adequate selection of leather. At Timbrados Rubio, we have a network of agents and collaborators based at the main worldwide productions areas: India, Pakistan, Russia, South America, and, of course, Spain. Their goal is to find new and better raw materials. These agents are not only in charge of finding the best materials, but also of ensuring that these arrive in the best conditions at our headquarters in Elda, by taking care of all paperwork, transportation and handling throughout the process.

Excellent products and service


Every season, our creative and design team at Timbrados Rubio sets new trends with their proposals. A fantasy come true on our leather, outlining new textures and colours, creating fashion.


All creations and designs made by Timbrados Rubio on behalf of other brands are under strict confidentiality protocols in order to protect their intellectual property..


At Timbrados Rubio we not only offer top quality products, but also a reliable, flexible service. Our experience, combined with a comprehensive and avant garde technology, allows us to meet all our deadlines in conformity with the fashion industry’s most demanding requests.

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