New service of Metallic Leather, perfect for shoes and leather goods.

From Timbrados Rubio we want to pay tribute to one of our key products, Metallic leather to produce shoes, handbags and leather goods. We are one of the pioneers in working with metallic Leather from the beginning of our family company in 1985, selling allover the world.

For this reason and considering we know this product as the back of our hand, we want to offer customers some advantages on this polivalent material.

Metallic Leather Express shipment- 72 hours.


Wide range of colors.

Working with Timbrados Rubio as your supplier of metallic leather, being one of the leaders in this type of product, we will offer you the best quality togeether with the wider range of possibilities existing in the market, counting with more than 100 colors. Do you want to know more about color possibilities? Contac tus!


Options for the base.

For the metallic leather we can supply you with a variety of bases, so that you can create the product your are dreaming of. We count with cow, sheep and goat bases in three different tones: White, beig and black. 100% SPANISH production!


Express shipment- 72 hours.

We have introduced this month a new advantage in the service of the metallic leathers, the possibility to produce and ship your order in a frame time of 72 hours for all Europe. We have also worked hard on the optimization of the relation quality and price, with an unbeatable result. Contact us to know more about prices.



Metallic Leather Personalization.

Apart from the essentials with Express service in 72 hours, we are specialists in finishing Leather and we use our expertise and know-how to create unique effects. A universe of combinations and effects in the world of metallic leather.

In Timbrados Rubio, we are manufactures since more than 35 years, so we count with a wide range of products from the essentials (suede, Split suede, patent, napa…) to the world of fantasy through finishings like flocade, digital printing, emboss, screen print… Let us know your project and needs and we will make it happen!

If you would like to receive more information, please contact us. Timbrados Rubio, Spanish factory, located in Elda (Alicante), base of shoe industry.

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