Get fashion closer

Our selection of trends for each season

KAKTO offers new leather collections and designs every season. This brand by Timbrados Rubio is known for applying simpler technologies and processes in order to make fashion more affordable without compromising on design and creativity. A product that is under constant renovation.

Process optimisation

Thanks to our leather selection and our simpler processes, KAKTO is able to offer a range of products with great results without compromising on quality and design, which is considered as one of the main pillars in the fashion world.

Affordable quality

At Timbrados Rubio, our experience spanning almost four decades allows us to offer every possibility to all kinds of clients through our KAKTO brand.

Treating leather, from start to finish

At Timbrados Rubio, we do not outsource any process. We personally carry out the full treatment and process stages required to allow our leather to embody fashion.

Excellent products and service


Thanks to our experience, our brand KAKTO is able to offer a range of products that simplify and optimise all process and treatments that our leather is subject to.


After years in the trade, we know best how to take great care of our leather, ensuring that our brand KAKTO is able to offer affordable fashion collections without compromising on quality.


Simpler processes and treatments that also include design and creativity to meet the requirements of the demanding fashion industry every season. Because KAKTO also means trend, colour, imagination, etc.

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